George Herbert

The Temple

The Church
The Method

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George Herbert (1593-1633)

The Temple

The Church

The Method

Poore heart, lament.
For since thy God refuseth still,
There is some rub, some discontent,
Which cools his will.

Thy Father could
Quickly effect, what thou dost move;
For he is Power: and sure he would;
For he is Love.

Go search this thing,
Tumble thy breast, and turn thy book.
If thou hadst lost a glove or ring,
Wouldst thou not look?

What do I see
Written above there? Yesterday
I did behave me carelesly,
When I did pray.

And should Gods eare
To such indifferents chainèd be,
Who do not their own motions heare?
Is God lesse free?

But stay! what’s there?
Late when I would have something done,
I had a motion to forbear,
Yet I went on.

And should Gods eare,
Which needs not man, be ty’d to those
Who heare not him, but quickly heare
His utter foes?

Then once more pray:
Down with thy knees, up with thy voice,
Seek pardon first, and God will say,
Glad heart rejoyce.

The Church

The Church